• 03.12.2022
  • UHRC
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Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced that the United States government is providing more than $53 million to purchase equipment for our nation's power system.
Since February 24, the United States has already provided Ukraine with $145 million to help restore, support and strengthen the energy sector.
Reserve generators, mobile boiler rooms, equipment for heat networks were purchased with these funds.
The purchase of electrical equipment worth $10.6 million for the restoration of high-voltage substations, as well as heavy equipment for the repair of power systems, is being completed.
2,200 generators were delivered to Ukrainian communities for the needs of heat supply companies and healthcare institutions.
Diesel fuel and other critical materials necessary for the safe operation of Ukrainian nuclear power plants were purchased.
Thank our American partners for their help and support in these dark and difficult times for Ukraine!
True friends are recognized in adversity and the USA has once again confirmed its friendship and commitment to our country!
Despite all the difficulties, we will stand for the freedom and bright future of Ukraine!