• 10.12.2022
  • UHRC
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In 1948, following the consequences of the Second World War and the terrible crimes of the Nazis against humanity, the world united in its desire to establish human rights as the main value.
The member countries of the UN have agreed to create a world in which people will be free from fear and need and there will be no place for tyranny.
Three quarters of a century later, the terrorist state of the russian federation invaded Ukraine, trying to destroy its people, its independence and establish a regime of tyranny in the very center of Europe.
For almost 9 years of war, not a single right guaranteed by the General Declaration of the citizens of Ukraine remained that was not violated by the aggressor.
putin's russia has demonstrated a complete rejection of democratic values ​​and rules.
And the world must prove by decisive actions that violation of international norms entails strict responsibility!
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights must once again apply to the entire territory of sovereign Ukraine, and violators of its norms will be punished!
Let's fight together for human rights - in Ukraine and around the world!