Thus, due to the damage by the occupiers to the barrier structures, the water level in it today is only 14.6 meters, with a permissible level of 16.0 m.

The channels and bays of the reservoir began to thin and dry up, which has already killed a significant amount of aquatic biological resources and spawning is currently under threat in the spring of 2023. This, in turn, results in water contamination and the spread of infectious diseases among the population.

Due to the hostilities and terrorist activities of the occupying forces, it is impossible to plan and carry out any repair and restoration work at the Kakhovskaya HPP.

Waging hostilities in a way that causes significant damage to the environment is a violation of the Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the crime of ecocide.

I appeal to the UN Commission for the Investigation of Human Rights Violations during the russian military invasion of Ukraine to take into account these facts of russian crimes and violations of human rights in Ukraine.