Residential buildings, schools, administrative buildings are under attack. There is not a single undamaged building left in Orichov. There is no light, water and heating. The other day, the occupiers fired at the only point of invincibility where people could at least warm up and charge their phones - one person died, two were injured.

Artillery shelling of the village of Primorske in the Stepnohorsk Territorial Community took the lives of two people, and three others were injured.

Among them, one dead and one wounded - employees of the village council, who were on their way to deliver firewood to citizens.

These are the next terrorist acts of the Russian army, for which both the criminal leadership of the Russian Federation and the direct executors - the military - will be responsible.

I appeal to the UN Commission for the Investigation of Human Rights Violations during the russian military invasion of Ukraine to take into account these facts of russian crimes and violations of human rights in Ukraine.

I call on international partners to provide Ukraine with more weapons to protect against war crimes of the russian federation!